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 Installing AppTapp (AppSnapp) via SSH

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Installing AppTapp (AppSnapp) via SSH   Tue Nov 27, 2007 1:25 pm

Installing AppTapp (AppSnapp) via SSH

(intel / PPC Mac)

Many have asked me how they get AppTapp or AppSnapp onto an already jailbroken and activated iPhone. Obviously if you
are on firmware 1.0.2 and lower you can still download the older program and connect via USB to get it installed. There
are situations where you can run into bootstrap errors though. Since AppSnapp is installed via the jailbreak 1.1.1
method there is no program to download per se since it is part of the exploit. This process is probably most valuable for
anyone running 1.1.1 firmware and below as I'm not sure how you would have SSH installed on a 1.1.2 iPhone but not have
used AppSnapp to do it. Nonetheless, here are the instructions. This will only work if you have SSH already installed
on the iPhone.

Step 1.

Download the Installer program (version 3.0b8) here.
Decompress the download and you'll be left with this file. Place it anywhere you'd like on your computer.

Step 2.

Launch Fugu and navigate to your /Applications folder.

Drag your folder into the /Applications folder. Make sure you do not drag it into one
of the folders already in /Applications. It might be easier to scroll to the bottom of the list to find
a space to drop it into.

Once it is copied over, double click the folder on the iPhone. Verify the permissions on the
Installer file. They should show triple X.

This is how to change the permissions if you need to. Right click the Installer file and select Get Info.
This pop up will appear. Check the three Execute boxes and click Apply.

Step 3.

Restart the iPhone. Or if you're a smart one, issue the killall SpringBoard command instead. There's
your new program.

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Installing AppTapp (AppSnapp) via SSH
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